Restaurants (traditionally riverside) in France.


How often do you hear the wonderful sound of the accordion during a television programme on France and then cannot see an accordion being played when you go there for a holiday? The purpose of this site is to give the (British) visitor to France who likes the sound of the accordion a relatively easy way of finding out if such entertainment exists in the area which they propose to visit.  For these purposes France will be roughly divided into 8 regions:






South East

South West




Since this is merely a skeleton service we would highly appreciate any additional information which our readers can send feedback to us as a result of their travels:  names and locations of restaurants/dance halls, telephone numbers, where the accordion is a regular event.


Whilst the accordion is undergoing a revival in France after the onslaught of pop music, the accordionist can disappear just as quickly if  there are not enough customers to make it worthwhile for the restaurant! (for example – Guinguette Maxims on the banks of the river Seine just by the Eiffel Tower).  We went there several times. Gone, as an outdoor restaurant!! – please let us know if it revives.


As a potential customer you will get the most from a visit if you also like ballroom/ latin dancing!  You should ALWAYS telephone in advance to confirm details, menu prices.


A splendid example of a Parisien guinguette





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Since if you are reading this website and therefore a fan of the accordion and a caravanner/motorhomer/camper we can recommend the TULLE(Corrèze) “Nuits de Nacre” accordion festival, about 3rd week in September. Each year the festival has a different theme.   2006 from 14th to 17th September.  A group of us meet at the municipal campsite Bourbacoup, about 2km from town centre, play accordions and attend concerts, Maugein accordion factory.etc  Get there a few days early and insist to use campsite.  Weather has not failed so far!


For details of festival contact: nuitsdenacre@free.fr / www.guinguette.org





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